Making Perfect Golf Pitch

Golf Pitch

Making Perfect Golf Pitch

It comes to pitching, you can not do anything bad about lying. Sooner or later you will find one. Bad lies can derail your pitch shots. Your best bet is to accept the position. It is part and parcel of the game of golf. Then move on. Once you have accepted it, you can lie addressed. A few simple adjustments pitching usually all it takes to beat a bad lie.

Pitching from bad to lie down 5 keys:

1. Choosing the right club
2. A steeper attack
3. Turn and swing to the top
4. Punch down hard
5. Use the contours of the land

When pitching, just a few simple adjustments to your stance and swing beats the majority of bad lies.

Start by choosing the right club. That’s one secret your clubhead behind the ball with the leading edge of the cut-through is selected. Some lie-bare ground, divot marks, or burying their own PW or SW better than 9-iron.
Thick rough you need a steeper angle of attack. The angle of attack to make, about an inch back from the middle position of the ball, move your hands well ahead of the clubhead, and a little more weight on your front foot place.
Make a normal backswing takeaway but little in the first set of his wrist. Also, try to center your weight on top of the ball. It encourages a sharp descending blow.
punch the ball hard into the back of the clubhead. The transfer of your weight on your front foot as you come down. Keep your head on the ball at impact and beyond.
Sometimes you can use to your advantage the contour of the ground. It swept the ball towards the hole and can apply different degrees of spin. Be creative

Not every pitch shot 150 feet (46 meters) below the height of the drop. Different heights at different distances to work on the ball landing on the green. A final tip: Keep a firm impression on the left hand and wrist.

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